Headshot photography can be one of the easiest and also most difficult type of image to capture.

Lighting and camera setup can be relatively simple and straightforward making it easy to create pleasing and repeatable lighting. The difficult part can be getting the right look from your subject. There are plenty of cheesy smiles and wide open eyes to go around and that's what I work to avoid in my shots. In my Headshot from Start to Finish workshops I cover my lighting and camera setup but that is only the beginning. I also go over use of tethering as a tool to work with the client as a team rather than simply as the object being photographed. 

Building a rapport can take time but we don't always have a lot ot time. Getting comfortable with a client quickly and keeping the mood fun can make the difference between a good headshot and a great one. In this workshop I will go over my headshot photography process from setup to post processing and everything in between. 

juanitaSThis will include:
- Lighting setup
- Tethered shooting setup
- Working with your subject
- Capturing images (shooting!)
- Reviewing your images
- Post processing


New sessions will be scheduled soon for 2018. Please send me an email to be informed when I have new sessions set up.

These sessions will be interactive and participants will have the chance to shoot with our models (and/or their fellow participants) during the session. I encourage attendees to bring their cameras along but recommend shooting with my camera as it will be tethered already.

Tethering is an important part of my workflow for headshots so this is why I recommend we use my camera so we don't have to worry about setting up everyone's cameras separately.

If you have any questions please reach out to me via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or you can call or text to 615.519.7078.