Just wanted to post a little behind the scenes action for an upcoming tire review. Let’s face it, photos of tires can be boring, but they don’t have to be. Here’s a few shots and a “behind the scenes” photo demonstrating how glamorous  shooting tire photos can be.

I not only wanted to create a bit more drama than the typical “here’s the tread” and “here’s the sidewall” photos so time to rethink the “Tire” photo. One way to add drama to in image is to tighten up your shot on just certain features, like this shot at the right.

Another way is to use direct and sharply angled lighting can create deep shadows and accentuate textures. This can be observed in some of the shots below. The deep dark background and tightly focused lighting come from using a grid and just have the edge of the resulting light “kiss” the edge of the tire.

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