cameraI recently read a post over at Fstoppers ( discussing listing photographic gear one uses in addition to their other info on their social media and other web presence(s). The author was looking for opinions on this practice. This got me thinking and eventually, writing…

The 3 R’s, Results Results Results

I don’t post my equipment list on my client facing website and social media spaces and I have no desire to. If I’m sharing my photographic work and trying entice potential clients to contact me, I want them to see the results, not the process. 

There are cases where I do post this information for sharing the details with other photographers and friends. These are in the spirit of education and support, not trying to impress potential clients with brand names.

In most cases , I don’t believe my clients care what camera, lens, or other gear I use to create an image for them. They DO care that I know how to use that gear to produce the images they are looking for. The results, as they say, speak for themselves and clients who approach me saw my work and liked what they saw.

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